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The ScienceDays Education Philosophy

According to the National Science Education Standards, there are three systems that influence science education: government, private sector, and national organizations and societies.  As a nonprofit organization aimed to enhance science education, the lesson plans used by ScienceDays mentors comply with National Science Standards.

The National Standards specify that from elementary school through high school, students should develop understanding of these concepts and processes:  1) systems, order and organization, 2) evidence, models, and explanation, 3) constancy, change, and measurement, 4) evolution and equilibrium, and 5) form and function.

The other categories in the National Standards include the following. 
1) Science as inquiry
2) Physical science
3) Life science
4) Earth and space science
5) Science and technology
6) Science in personal and social perspective
7) History and nature of science

Benchmarks for measuring achievement differ by grade levels.  ScienceDays lesson plans are divided into categories that answer to one or more Standards.  Our categories include:
- Physics and electricity
- Forensics
- Geology and planetary science
- Computers
- Biology and health
- Chemical and physical science

The foundation to all ScienceDays lesson plans is to, above all, allow students to view science as inquiry and inspire curiosity for the subject matter.

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